The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Suitable Car Light Package

Have you ever driven your car at night and noticed that the oncoming car headlights are somehow different from yours? Are your car lights too dim such that you struggle to have a clear vision when driving at night? Well, it is very obvious that your car lighting package is a vital part of your vehicle and something that affects your safety when driving.  Luckily there are several options to go for when choosing your car headlights and you need to analyze thoroughly before settling on the best one for your vehicle.

Choosing the best car headlights should not be an overwhelming thing for you if you know what to look out for. Your neighbor’s car headlight might not be the best option as these lights vary for different types of cars. Here, we will take you through the essential considerations that will help you to analyze your options thoroughly when looking out for a suitable light package for your car.


This is a factor that is often overlooked, but it is vital in determining how well your headlights light up the way when driving at night. Keep in mind that your headlights are explicitly aimed to suit vehicles that drive on the right or the left. Headlights that are meant for use in countries that operate on the left-hand side have low beam headlights that slant downwards to the left side. The reverse is applicable for countries where drivers drive on the right-hand side. In that accord, it is crucial to determine the state a specific set of lighting package is suited for before purchasing it as it may deter how well you drive at night while posing a threat to other motorists since it will probably extremely blind them. However, some modern-day headlights are suited to fit vehicles that are to be driven in both left hand, and right hand sided countries and one can adjust the options by clicking a single button.

Projector Or Reflector Headlights?

When buying your headlights, one of the critical determinants that differentiates the models you will come across is how they operate. A reflector headlamp works just as its name describes it since the light illuminates out of the bulb located in the middle and then gets reflected off the sides of the casing. This reflection mechanism allows the light being produced from the small lamp to be illuminated on the road ahead.

A projector headlight does the opposite of what the reflector does as they project the light. These lights require a different type of bulb for them to work efficiently. Projector headlamps give you a lot of flexibility since one can control the strength of the light beam since they come from the housing. In a nutshell, the housing project the light from the particular bulb allowing for one to control how intense they want their beam to be.

Type Of Headlights

Halogen Lights

These lights contain a gas, usually nitrogen and argon, and have a tungsten filament all housed in a glass casing. The glass casing is specially made to withstand extremely high temperatures. It is one of the most popular types of headlight being used today. However, there are a few downsides that you need to be aware of when installing this kind of lights, something that has made newer versions of headlights stand out as better options. First, they are a bit inefficient and dim when compared with other types, and they are also very vulnerable to substances such as oil and grease. The other downfall is that it dissipates a lot of heat and the light produced is not directed, so it doesn’t light up the way as it is supposed to be.

High-Intensity Discharge Bulbs

These lights are also known as the Xenon, and they came into the fray in the 90s after being introduced by BMW. They contain a blend of gases and metals that help to produce a glow that is white-blue. These lights are about three times brighter than the halogen lights, and they increase vision making it safer to drive at night. Some of the few drawbacks of these lights include their cost which is quite high for most people to have them installed in their vehicles. Secondly, they may cause an uncontrolled glow which extremely illuminates the road compromising the safety of other motorists.

LED Bulbs

These new 2018 LED Demon Eye models have been around since 2004, but they have started to gain popularity in recent years. They are a good option for many people due to their energy savvy nature. They have a longer lifespan and do not contain any gases, something that makes them environment-friendly. They are small, making it easier to arrange them in any particular way to even improve the aesthetics of your car. However, beware of the fake LED light packages which have a shorter lifespan.


Different light bulbs come with various fittings, and you should look at this feature before selecting one. It is terrible to buy a particular lighting kit and then find that they do not fit in your car.

Start Up Time

Most of the old-fashioned bulbs have an almost negligible startup time. These bulbs go ON as soon as you switch then and attain full brightness immediately. However, some types of bulbs take some time to be switched on and vary in the time they take to attain full intensity with some of them even taking up to five minutes. While this does not affect the performance in any significant way, it is an important thing to look out for when buying a light package for your car.

Some of the essential things to look out for when buying a light package for your car have been mentioned above. Keep in mind that this is a crucial investment that determines your safety and that of other motorists. Depending on the model of your car, be patient and carefully analyze your options before selecting the best type of headlights at your budget. Once you find a specific type, you will have an easy and safe time driving at night.