Things To Know About Jeep Parts And Accessories

When it comes to Jeeps, there are many parts that people fail to pay attention to; however, there are Jeep owners who know their car inside out. These are the people that will pay a lot of attention to their car’s parts and accessories.

If you are a new Jeep owner, it is time to find out more about some of the parts that can enhance your vehicle. Let us start with Jeep bumpers. There are many types of Jeep Wrangler bumpers for sale. These numerous bumper options can be helpful if you need to get a replacement part, or if you are thinking of upgrading your bumper.

Jeep bumpers come in different shapes and sizes. Usually, the standard factory bumpers are susceptible to damage, and owners often have to upgrade or replace them with better quality ones. Some bumpers are made from materials heavier than others, so you have the option of choosing a light or a heavy weight bumper. A lightweight bumper increases fuel mileage but it is not ideal for off-road adventures. On the other side, a heavy bumper is great for off-roading, but bad for the fuel mileage.

There are different versions of Jeep lights with four types of light patterns.

  • Long range, or spot beam, lights are able to penetrate deep into the dark. The lights are able to shine far ahead towards the horizon – even at high speeds.
  • Driving and spread beams are designed to supplement the Jeep high beam headlights. These lights are useful in creating visibility near the sides of roadways and in front of the car. They are great for all-around trail riding.
  • Fog beam lights are mounted below the headlights and produce a beam pattern that is very wide horizontally and narrow vertically. These beams light up a pathway close to the ground. They are very useful in dust, fog, rain and snow.
  • Flood beams create a large and wide pattern of light to cover an area with an extremely tall vertical and wide horizontal light pattern. These lights are used as backup lights to see a broader area at shorter distances.

Jeeps are known for their lack of storage. Installing a good quality Jeep JK roof rack to your Jeep will solve your storage problem. There are different types of roof racks available on the 4WD website for you to choose from. With a roof rack installed, you can start carrying your items and necessities for your outdoor adventures with you.