Prom Time Limo Tips From Limo Company

Everyone gets ready it’s the prom season. Let’s make some plans how to celebrate it? And make this occasion wonderful and amazing because prom would be the one of the most momentous events of a lifetime and for many teens it marks their first major milestone.  As incredible as it is, it can also be a very stressful time.  There are dresses to buy and tuxedoes to rent, coordinating with friends and finding a date are just a few of the possible trials faced by the young prom goers.  Of course there is also the transportation. Who’s going to go with whom in what type of limo and where are we going before after and during, it can see very daunting when faced with all these decisions. Best limo rentals in Toronto want you to know that we understand and we are here to help and make your journey fantastic with excellent services.

Must check some points while selecting a limo service providing company:

Always prefer to make personal reservation rather than online reservation. In case of online reservation must go and visit the limousine company, make sure the vehicle you are interested in will be on site and available for you to view.

Make sure you have an accurate head count and a small monetary commitment from all the people that will be in your limo on prom night.  Prom only happens on one of a few days out of the year (due to the need for most schools to have prom before graduation and the limited availability of catering halls) so a last minute vehicle switch due to a member of your group dropping out or going with someone else may be difficult to accommodate and will leave the remaining individuals in your party responsible for a larger portion of the bill.

Always ask some questions to ensure safety. Is vehicle condition is up to the mark? Do they allow drinking alcohol in vehicle? What type of other services they can offer?  Is Driver vigilant and drive safely?

Now it’s the time to sign the contract. It is very important that you are properly contracted for the agreed upon price and the agreed upon vehicle.  Also along those same lines make sure the company asks for a credit card. Any company that does not require you to sign a contract or does not request you leave a credit card on file is not engaging in proper business practices.