Make the right choice when you buy a new car

Look, compare and control

If you want to buy a new car, set a budget and ask for several offers. Negotiate the price too. Here are some additional tips recommended by INKAS Armored Vehicles & Bulletproof Cars.

What type?

Determine first what type of car you want to buy: a family car; an all-terrain vehicle, a passenger car with sports features, a small car for your daughter or son. Also consider the journeys you are traveling. You need a less powerful engine to make small trips in the city than for long trips. This criterion also determines whether you must opt ​​for a diesel, gas, gas, or electric car.

Set the maximum budget you want to spend on your car. Do not just consider the purchase price, but also the TMC, car tax, car consumption, maintenance and insurance. In addition to mandatory liability insurance, you will benefit from extra protection for yourself, your passengers and your car

First visit to a dealer

​See you at a dealer who sells the models you like. He will give you explanations on the vehicle, as well as an indicative price. Never accept the seller’s first price quote, but ask for a quote from a colleague selling the same brand. And compare them obviously with the prices of other brands.


​To evaluate the price, you must determine the options you want. Some models offer some standard equipment, for others, they are optional. Determine in advance the options that you think are interesting or necessary, so that you do not be seduced by unnecessary options.


​Virtually every car dealership gives rebates. Make sure to always receive an offer on paper. This document can be used in your negotiations with other auto dealers.

No hurry

​Never give the seller the impression that you want to buy a new car quickly. Explain that you take all your time to compare different proposals.

Negotiate again

​When you have received a quote and when you know which car you want, renegotiate the price with the dealer. Also ask what the car costs in terms of maintenance and consumption. And the frequency of maintenance of the vehicle. Sometimes you can enjoy some extras, such as floor mats or a car radio. But always ask yourself if these extras are very useful.


When you have made your decision, sign the sales contract. Have the delivery time and a penalty indicated if it is not followed.

Congratulations on your new car!