How to Prepare, Store and Maintain Your Muscle Car for Winter

Winter is a time of the year when your muscle car should be stored properly to avoid any kind of damage or deterioration.  It is important that you prepare, store and maintain your muscle car for winter so that when spring comes the reunion between you and your muscle car will be a happy one. Mark Silvestri, owner of Lightning Force Performance – the online leader in high performance auto parts – who has a very strong relationship with his muscle car gave some useful tips that you better follow.

Store a clean muscle car

When your car is dirty it will cause a lot of problems when winter comes. Dirt that is on the outside of the car will become hard in the winter time. When it does it will be a very difficult task to remove this dirt during springtime. If winter comes without you being prepared in that you have not washed your car it is not a big problem. It may be difficult and annoying to remove the dirt in spring but it will not be an impossible task.

It’s important to clean the outside of the car to ensure that dirt does not harden on the car. The inside of the car should also be cleaned to avoid rats which may be taking residence in the car and chewing on the interior of the car. It also saves a lot of time when spring comes because you will have a car which is very clean both on the inside and outside.


A muscle car should be stored away in a concrete garage in the winter which is very clean. The concrete garage which is clean is a good storage location in the winter for two reasons. One is because a dirty or cluttered garage is a good environment for varmints to live in. The varmints such as rats can chew on the inside of a car damaging its interior. The need to keep the garage clean is very important to ensure the muscle car is maintained in good shape. The second reason is that moisture is not able to move up through the concrete and be in contact with your car.

In a garage with a gravel or dirt surface moisture can be able to easily move up through it and enter the car making it dirty and hard to clean during springtime. When moisture gets into your muscle car it may cause electrical problems with plug wires, think cap and rotors which might need to be fixed during spring and will cost you to repair. Moisture also causes rust on metal surfaces which can compromise the muscle car. It is important that your car is clean before winter so that you do not need to worry about all the problems that may occur while your car is in storage.

Cover your Car

You should cover your car to avoid dust that settles on the outside of your muscle car. If you store your car in a concrete garage while its clean, the process of covering it is an additional measure that ensures any dust that may settle on the car is avoided. The dust will settle on the cover and you will simply remove the cover during spring.

Oil Change and Full Tank

When you fill up your gas tank it will not have any air spaces in it. When the gas tank has air spaces moisture can accumulate in it and cause rusting. This is not good for your muscle car because it might translate to a gas leak. Fill up the gas tank, add some gas line antifreeze such as HEET and fuel stabilizer to avoid rusting.